IP64 LED Corn Lights

  • IP64 60W LED Corn Light
IP64 60W LED Corn Light

IP64 60W LED Corn Light

  • Model: HSL-60WD
  • Base Type: E40 E39 E27 E26
  • MOQ: 2 PCS
  • Color Temperature: 2700K - 6500K
  • Product description: E40 E39 E27 E26 60W LED corn light, IP64 60W LED corn lamp, 60W LED garden bulb. The new exterior design, IP64 waterproof rating, 198pcs high-quality SAMSUNG 5630 LED chip, 6600Lm high brightness.


E40 E39 E27 E26 60W LED corn light, waterproof 60W LED corn lamp, dustproof 60W LED corn bulb, 60W LED garden lights. IP64 waterproof rating, 198pcs high-quality SAMSUNG LED chip, 6600Lm high brightness, 50000 hours lifetime and 5 years warrantys, UL List and TUV SAA approved.


1. IP64 60W LED corn light is brighter than a 250 Watt high power HID, saving up to 75% in electricity and hundreds in unnecessary bulb replacements;

2. Our LED corn lights lifespan is over 15 years maintenance free, if used 12 hours a day;

3. IP64 Series LED corn lamps have waterproof dustproof and built with fire retardant plastics;

4. This Product covered LEDs for easy cleaning. Can be used in sealed IP65 fixtures and in wet locations;

5. All LED corn bulb are UL List and TUV SAA approved and 5 years warranty;

6. IP64 LED corn bulbs can be used in all indoor warehouse, factory floor and the arena, and can be used in humid air environment. When there is shade protection can also be installed for outdoor use.


Place of Origin: Shenzhen Guangdong
Model Number: HSL-60WD
Socket Type: E40  E39  E27  E26
Dimensions: OD 105 * L320 mm
IP Rating: IP64 (Waterproof and dustproof)
Color: Warm White  Natural White  Cool White
Color Temperature: 2800-3500K  4000K-4500K  5500K-6500K
Power: 60W ± 1W
Voltage: 100~277VAC  50-60Hz
Beam Angle: 360 degree
LED Quantity: 198pcs SAMSUNG 5630 LEDs
Luminous Flux: 6600Lm ± 100Lm
LED Luminous Efficiency: > 110Lm/W
Material: PBT + Aluminum + Cooling Fin
Operating Temperature: -25~50 ℃
Replacement: Traditional high power 250W HID
LED Emitter Life: 50,000 Hours
Warranty: 5 Years
Certifications: CE RoHS and TUV approved


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