LED Street Lights

  • E40 30W LED Street Light
E40 30W LED Street Light

E40 30W LED Street Light

  • Model: HSL-30WN
  • Base Type: E40 E39 E27 E26
  • MOQ: 2 PCS
  • Color Temperature: 2700K - 6500K
  • Product description: E40 E39 E27 E26 30W LED street light, 30W LED street lamp. 30pcs 1W Bridgelux LEDs, 3300Lm high brightness, 180° beam angle, 50,000 hours lifetime and 3 years warranty. CE RoHS approved.


E40 E39 E27 E26 30W LED street light, 30W LED street lamp, 30W LED road light. 30*1W high power Bridgelux LEDs, 3300Lm high brightness, 50000 hours lifetime and 3 years warranty, CE ROHS approved. 30W LED street light can replace traditional high power 100W HPS.


1. 30W LED street light is brighter than a 100 Watt high pressure sodium(HPS) lamp, saving up to 75% in electricity and hundreds in unnecessary bulb replacements;
2. Our LED street lights lifespan is over 12 years maintenance free, if used 12 hours a day;
3. All E40 LED street lamp are CE RoHS approved and 3 years warranty;
4. Optional E40 E30 E27 E26 lamp holder, perfect to replace the traditional E40 E39 E27 E26 holder of CFL and HPS lamp;
5. Our E40 LED road lights than traditional road lamp volume is reduced 70%, and more convenient to transport and install, more affordable;
6. E40 series LED road lamp can be used in roads, streets, parks, gardens, squares and other outdoor venues (installed in the shade).


Place of Origin: Shenzhen Guangdong
Model Number: HSL-30WN
Socket Type: E40  E39  E27  E26
Dimensions: OD 105 * L265 mm
Material: Aluminum + PC
Color: Warm White  Natural White  Cool White
Color Temperature: 2800-3500K  4000K-4500K  5500K-6500K
Power: 30W ± 1W
Voltage: 100~277VAC 50-60Hz  12V/24VDC
Beam Angle: 180°
LED Quantity: 30 * 1W high quality Bridgelux LEDs
Luminous Flux: 3300Lm ± 100Lm
LED Luminous Efficiency: > 100Lm/W
Power Factor(PF): 0.95
Operating Temperature: -20~60 ℃
Replacement: Traditional high power 100W HPS
LED Emitter Life: 50,000 Hours
Warranty: 3 Years
Certifications: CE RoHS approved


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